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want to know what’s in my grocery bag?


what's in my grocery bag?

I typically go shopping for our weekly groceries on Saturday morning.  I menu plan the night before and make a list of the dinners that I will prepare for the following week.  We use our leftovers for lunches.

First I head over to the farmer’s market and purchase most of my organic veggies, pastured eggs and grass-fed meats for the week.  Then I head over to Wheatsville (an awesome co-op here in Austin) and get the rest of the stuff on my list.

This week I bought:

brussel sprouts zucchini
mushrooms spinach
kale tomatoes
onions garlic
carrots sweet potatoes
plantains spaghetti squash
beets broccoli
butternut squash avocado
almond butter grassfed beef
pastured chicken pastured eggs
grassfed butter kombucha


And then the cooking begins!